Members of the Local Government Commission (LGC) will receive a special discount on their regular conference registration fees for this exciting event ($20 off the public/nonprofit and private sector registration fees). If you are not currently an LGC member, join the LGC when you register for the conference, and receive a 20-percent discount on annual membership dues! As an LGC member, you will receive an e-mail alert service that will bring you up-to-date information about federal and state funding opportunities, a 25-percent discount on most LGC publications, videos, and slide shows, and two monthly newsletters on cutting-edge land-use issues across the country, as well as unlimited access to LGC's Center for Livable Communities resource library and its qualified staff. More information on LGC Membership...

Membership Rates
Elected Officials Membership Regularly $125 annually
(with this offer you pay only $100!)
Associate Membership Regularly $75 annually
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To receive this discount on annual dues, you must pay for your membership at the time you register for the conference, and then take advantage of the special, discounted conference registration fees for LGC members (offered only on the regular public/nonprofit and private sector rates). If you are unclear about your current membership status, please contact the LGC membership coordinator at members 'AT' lgc 'DOT' org.

If you sign up for LGC membership through the conference registration process, your LGC membership will start in March 2011.