Commemorating 10 Years of Implementing Smart Growth

Celebrating 10 years
Download 10 Year Commemorative Brochure (PDF)

Since this conference began 10 years ago, the focus has always been on promoting a multi-disciplinary approach to addressing the many difficult challenges communities big and small face everywhere. Getting people together to network and learn in a dynamic environment that encourages the development of nontraditional partnerships to tackle these challenges is what makes this event so appealing to to such a broad audience. Each year the conference expands and more disciplines come into the smart growth fold, with each realizing that implementing smart growth and sustainable communities strategies can help them reach their goals, and that working with others outside their discipline can only enhance their ability to succeed.

The Local Government Commission (LGC) wanted to acknowledge this important anniversary by reflecting on some of what has been accomplished in smart growth over the past decade — in policy, practice, and perception — by hearing from those doing this important work at the national, regional and local level. What we confirmed and what those who regularly attend this event know, is that this annual conference is having a positive impact in both large and small ways, in places all across the country.

We have put together a document we would like to share that highlights some of the conference history, testimonials about its influence and impact, and real stories from community leaders and organizations that have attended this conference and taken away with them the tools, strategies, contacts, and the inspiration to go home and create safer, healthier and more livable communities.