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Make the Case to Attend the 2014 New Partners for Smart Growth Conference

With budgets tightening across the nation, it can be hard to convince your employer that it is important and worthwhile to attend a national conference. But the New Partners for Smart Growth Conference organizers and their project partners want to see you in Denver, Colorado for the 13th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth Conference. So we have developed some suggestions to help you “make the case” for why you should attend this “not-to-be-missed” event.

The New Partners for Smart Growth Conference is known as the premiere smart growth conference of the year: For more than a decade, New Partners has guided a strong and diverse movement grounded in the values of sustainable communities. This “must-attend” conference has become a place where smart growth, itself, transforms and changes to tackle today’s most pressing challenges. And according to John Frece, Director of the U.S. EPA Office of Sustainable Communities, “There simply is no other single place where one can meet and learn from so many people knowledgeable about — and dedicated to — approaches that will help our nation grow in smarter, more sustainable ways.”

The New Partners for Smart Growth Conference can help you be more effective in your work: What challenges is your neighborhood, community, city or region currently facing? With sessions falling under fifteen different-issue categories, we are confident that you will be able to discover and attend numerous sessions that will help you address your community’s most pressing challenges, no matter your discipline or background.

The New Partners for Smart Growth Conference provides a valuable opportunity for face-to-face networking: In addition to the cutting-edge tools and resources, best practices, current research, and ideas that you will learn about during the breakout sessions, workshops and trainings; the networking opportunities prove to be invaluable. Year after year, conference attendees note the importance and value of in-person networking with some of the “best thinkers and do-ers in the smart growth and sustainable communities field” in a dynamic and inspirational learning environment.

Face-to-Face Networking:

  • Allows you to meet and exchange information, ideas, and inspiration with people that you would not necessarily connect with otherwise
  • Helps build trust and long-lasting relationships
  • Is the most effective form of communication
  • Allows for a more natural and effective exchange of ideas
  • Saves time and money

The New Partners for Smart Growth Conference brings you together with multiple disciplines, helping to eliminate single-sector “silo-thinking”: The enduring strength of this conference comes from the diversity of participants who cross-disciplinary lines to share experiences, insights, inspiration, valuable implementation tools and strategies. The conference also allows you to explore how partnerships can provide the political will, technical expertise, and the most effective action plans necessary to overcome inertia and change business as usual.

The New Partners for Smart Growth Conference is affordable: Compared with other national conferences, the registration rate is one of the lowest, making this event one of the most affordably priced national conferences of the year. The conference organizers do everything they can to help lower your costs by offering various discounted registration rates for different groups; providing scholarship and volunteer opportunities where possible; and by providing rideshare and roommate assistance. In 2014 the conference organizers also introduced early bird pricing, allowing you to register by November 24th at a discount, thus reducing costs further.

The New Partners for Smart Growth Conference strives to provide a program that offers continuing education credits for AICP Planners, Architects, Landscape Architects, and others, whenever possible: At the 2013 New Partners for Smart Growth Conference, over 100 sessions received accreditation!

Need even more evidence? Check out the testimonials page to read what speakers, sponsors, cosponsors and previous New Partners for Smart Growth Conference attendees have to say about the premiere smart growth conference of the year.

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"The challenges of the 21st century will require an unprecedented level of collaboration and innovation. Working together across disciplines, we can create communities that are resilient, prosperous and equitable. The New Partners conference will connect you to diverse experts, new strategies and cutting-edge tools that will help create positive change, starting with your community."
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