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Why the New Partners for Smart Growth Conference is an Important Event for Local Policymakers

There are many great reasons to attend the 13th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth Conference in Denver, Colorado, especially if you are a local elected official or a local government official.

Local elected officials are charged with making some of the most difficult and important decisions regarding how cities and counties grow and change. Faced with the challenge of addressing critical issues such as shrinking budgets and scarce resources, public health and safety, access to transit and affordable housing, impacts of global warming, and so much more — they need access to tools, strategies and resources that can help them make the right decisions for the communities they serve. As a local policymaker you can serve as a delegate for your residents as you learn new strategies to help respond to your community’s top concerns

There has also been a growing realization at all levels of government that traditional growth patterns have had a negative effect on our communities, public health, the environment, and the economy. And because the majority of decision making about land use and transportation planning occurs at the local level, elected officials play an essential role in the creation of more livable and equitable communities.

Smart growth offers local policymakers a way to look comprehensively at shaping communities that are built for everyone. We strongly believe this premier smart growth event will provide local officials with the latest research, strategies, tools, best practices, and information on how they can be more successful in tackling the many challenges they face, and help them make the best choices for their communities.

While there is no one recipe for success, each year we assemble national, regional and local speakers and resources to help you navigate the myriad of policies and strategies and develop a plan to fit your community’s needs. Come participate in sessions on topics such as:

Funding Projects in Your Community
Learn how to make the most out of the money you have! Local governments are among the most innovative thinkers when it comes to doing more with less. Conference sessions often address topics such as sustainable investment strategies, creating partnerships to leverage resources and expertise and updates on funding opportunities.

Removing Barriers to Good Development
If redeveloping vacant or blighted properties were easy; we’d have a lot more land and buildings brought back to productive use. However, identifying properties, finding funding, and implementing the redevelopment plan can be a challenge. Come hear experts reveal the best strategies for equitably revitalizing properties in your community. The conference usually includes a number of sessions that focus on revitalizing America’s cities, suburbs, and small towns – so don’t miss out!

Creating and Managing Open Space and Parks
Whether you are in the market for preserving open space or farmland, regional parkland, an urban farm, a park on previously blighted property, or even a parklet, conference speakers will help you understand the numerous co-benefits of open space and parks and find ways to design affordable, multi-use public spaces to meet your needs.

Building an Effective and “Complete” Transportation System
There is greater awareness that transportation and development are not separate entities, but in fact complement each other. So whether it is trying to encourage more equitable Transit Oriented Development or “Development Oriented Transit” in your jurisdiction, adding active transportation elements to your current system to make it more “complete”, preparing your transportation system for the boomers and beyond, trying to encourage the development of BRT or streetcars, planning for a successful transportation system in a low density regions or rural areas, trying to squeeze more performance from your existing network, or planning for freight and passenger rail in your community,  this conference helps you put together the pieces you need to succeed.

Designing for Sustainable Infrastructure
Report after report has found that America’s transportation, water and storm water infrastructure is crumbling and in desperate need of repair. Yet this comes at a time when local governments have very little money to invest in large infrastructure projects. Past conferences have showcased some of the most innovative infrastructure advancements currently being undertaken that are addressing these needs. Sessions often provide creative approaches to help incorporate smart growth principles into infrastructure projects and reduce regulatory and financial barriers to implementing greener, more sustainable infrastructure in your community.

Addressing Climate Change and Energy Efficiency
Jurisdictions across the country are realizing the need to plan for the effects of climate change. If you want to learn about cutting edge, creative strategies and case studies from around the nation where communities are attempting to promote energy efficiency and reduce the effects of climate change, this conference is for you.

Ensuring Equitable Development and Environmental Justice
Creating a livable and prosperous community is only half of the battle, it is also important to make sure that everyone in your community can thrive. The New Partners for Smart Growth Conference always features some of the top equitable development and environmental justice experts who showcase how communities can offer healthy and safe environments, accessible education and transportation, quality jobs, affordable housing to all segments of the population, and equitable protection from environmental and health hazards.

Encouraging Better Public Health
The conference features information on how the built environment shapes our daily habits and affects our health. If you are interested in topics such as how to build communities suitable for the growing aging population, expanding the availability of healthy food options, and promoting a more active lifestyle among local residents, you will not want to miss this conference.

Improving Mobility for All Segments of the Population
Conference speakers offer compelling information on how to integrate transportation planning with community design to add choices and get all people where they need to go.

And Much, Much More…

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"The challenges of the 21st century will require an unprecedented level of collaboration and innovation. Working together across disciplines, we can create communities that are resilient, prosperous and equitable. The New Partners conference will connect you to diverse experts, new strategies and cutting-edge tools that will help create positive change, starting with your community."
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